Disaster Recovery & Emergency Mode Operations under HIPAA—Protecting PHI In Emergencies

Live Webinar | Jim Sheldon Dean | From: May 02, 2019 - To: Jul 24, 2019

Learn How to Have a Robust and Impenetrable System in Place for Disaster Recovery

With the recent natural disasters and hacking attacks suffered by healthcare entities, fresh attention is being paid to preparations for recovering from such disasters while protecting information assets. HIPAA has a stringent set of guidelines for disaster recovery—they have to be adhered to by any healthcare entity with obligations to the public to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their health information.

Join healthcare expert Jim Sheldon-Dean in this audio conference to learn whether your entity is disaster-ready and compliant with the latest HIPAA rules and regulations. Sheldon-Dean will walk you through the HIPAA Security Rule’s requirements to protect information security, and show you how the principles in the rules apply in various scenarios.

He will present various situations to illustrate the most effective preparations in advance of, and steps to take in response to, a cyber-attack such as ransomware, and a natural disaster— such as a flood, tornado, or fire that destroys information assets. He will also discuss how to deal with large-scale events like hurricanes, and the resulting needs for providing information as necessary while protecting privacy and security. Plus, he will explain the roles of leadership and support necessary during an emergency, so that your staff can seek assistance when necessary, and your managers are ready to help staff make information handling decisions correctly.

After attending this audio conference, you will have a clear idea as to where your healthcare entity stands with regards to compliance with HIPAA requirements of contingency planning. You will be able to look ahead and envision how your organization will recover from, as well as provide services during, some kind of severe incident that can threaten facilities and/or the systems within them, while protecting the privacy and security of information. Plus, you will be better placed to develop a good backup and recovery plan.

Session Highlights

This session will cover the following topics:

  • Circumstances that would prompt a need for disaster recovery and continuing operations during an emergency
  • How to prevent and recover from Information System disasters such as ransomware
  • How to prepare for loss of communications
  • How to prepare for loss of facilities
  • How to have a good backup and recovery plan
  • How to maintain delivery of services during an emergency
  • Alternate methods of service delivery in emergency circumstances
  • How to get systems and services reliably back on line
  • How to learn from your experiences for future resiliency

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for compliance officers, privacy and security officers, and leadership and staff in health information management, information security, and patient relations, as well as staff in patient intake and front-line patient relations and any others that are involved in, interested in, or responsible for, patient communications, information management, and privacy and security of protected health information under HIPAA, including: compliance directors, CEOs, CFOs, privacy officers, security officers, information systems managers, HIPAA officers, chief information officers, health information managers, healthcare counsel/lawyers, office managers, and contracts managers.

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